The Art of Screen Printing: Crafting Unique Prints for Your Home

The Art of Screen Printing: explained

Welcome to Palms and Tigers, where we take pride in offering unique, handcrafted screen prints from our studio to your space. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through the art of screen printing, exploring its rich history and the meticulous process that goes into creating each piece. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or simply looking to enhance your home decor, understanding the technique behind our prints will deepen your appreciation for these timeless artworks.

Limited edition screen print featuring women, pyramids, water, angels, and symbols in brown and blue gradient detail of water and fire 
A Brief History of Screen Printing

Screen printing, also known as silk screening, has a long and fascinating history that dates back over a thousand years. The technique originated in ancient China during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD) and was later adopted and refined by Japanese artisans. It wasn't until the early 20th century that screen printing made its way to the Western world, where it quickly gained popularity in the commercial and artistic sectors.

In the 1960s, screen printing experienced a resurgence thanks to iconic artists like Andy Warhol, who used the technique to create bold, vibrant works that challenged traditional art forms. Today, screen printing remains a beloved method for producing high-quality prints, appreciated for its versatility and ability to bring intricate designs to life.

The Screen Printing Process: Step by Step

At Palms and Tigers, we make the whole process of screen printing to ensure that each piece is unique and perfect for you, from sketching the initial idea to the final product: we make everything in-house. Here’s an inside look at the different steps involved:

1. Design Creation

Every screen print begins with a unique design. We conceptualize and create intricate patterns and illustrations that reflect a variety of themes, from nature-inspired motifs to more minimalist and “color blocks” pieces. Once the design is finalized, it is transferred onto a transparent acetate film.

2. Screen Preparation

The next step involves preparing the screen. A fine mesh screen, typically made of silk or polyester, is coated with a light-sensitive emulsion. The acetate film with the design is then placed onto the screen, and the entire setup is exposed to UV light. The light hardens the emulsion, except in the areas blocked by the design, creating a stencil.

3. Setting Up the Screen

After exposure, the screen is carefully washed to remove the unhardened emulsion, leaving a clear stencil of the design. where the emulsion is washed, the mesh’s tiny holes are now exposed and will be filled with ink that will transfer to the paper.

4. Ink Application

Using high-quality, eco-friendly and water based inks, we begin the process of printing the design onto the chosen medium, whether it be paper, fabric, or another surface. The ink is poured onto the screen and spread evenly with a squeegee, pushing it through the open areas of the stencil and transferring the design onto the surface. This step may be repeated multiple times with different colors to build up the final image.

5. Quality Control

Each print undergoes a thorough quality control check to ensure it meets our high standards. We inspect the prints for consistency, color accuracy, and overall quality, making sure that only the best pieces make it to our customers. Then, we sign and number every copy 

detail of Shop our limited edition 50x70 cm screen print featuring a Greek pillar, silk, vase, and peony flower in blue ink. Inspired by 19th-century photographs, perfect for unique home decorArt prints Wall art Fine art prints Framed prints Limited edition prints Poster prints

The Beauty of Handcrafted Screen Prints

The beauty of screen printing lies in its ability to produce detailed, vibrant prints that stand the test of time. Each print is a labor of love, reflecting the skill and dedication of our studio. Here’s why our screen prints are a perfect addition to your home:

  1. Unique and Limited Editions: Our prints are almost always limited editions, making them exclusive and highly sought after.
  2. Handcrafted Quality: Each piece is made by hand, ensuring attention to detail and a personal touch.
  3. Versatile Decor: From bold statement pieces to subtle accents, our screen prints can enhance any room with their artistic charm.
  4. Lasts longer: while screen printing, real ink made from real pigment is pressed onto the paper making sure your artwork will last a lifetime, in comparison to digital prints printed by a printer, where color will fade eventually with time.

At Palms and Tigers, we are passionate about the art of screen printing and committed to bringing you unique, high-quality prints that transform your space. We invite you to explore our collection and discover the perfect piece to add elegance and character to your home. Thank you for joining us on this journey through the screen printing process. We hope it has deepened your appreciation for this timeless art form.

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