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Botanical Vase Limited Edition Screen Print

Botanical Vase Limited Edition Screen Print

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הדפס רשת ידני במהדורה מוגבלת בהשראת אלמנטים בוטניים של שפע מגן העדן

טכניקת הדפס הרשת מעניקה לכל פרינט מראה מעט שונה וייחודי ולכן עלולים להיות שינויים קלים בין פרינט לפרינט

מידות: 35*50 ס״מ. נייר כותנה 280 גרם

Enhance your home decor with our exquisite delicate screen print, featuring a mesmerizing botanical vase composition. This unique artwork, printed in light blue on heavy cotton paper, measures 42x29 cm, and captures the beauty of nature with original illustrations of flowers, butterflies, snakes, and parrots. This is a true paradise in a vase.

  • Size: 42x29 cm, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any room.

  • Color: Light blue on light paper, offering a subtle yet enchanting visual appeal.

  • Design: A magical vase composed entirely of botanical illustrations, creating a whimsical and captivating scene.

  • Unique Art: A distinctive piece that brings the wonders of nature into your home.

This delicate screen print is not just a piece of art; it's a story of nature's magic and beauty. Ideal for art lovers and nature enthusiasts, this print will transform your space with its graceful charm.


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